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Q: Are frequent urination and and sore itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?
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What causes itchy nipples?

Pregnancy cause itchy nipples

What might cause weight gain in hips with itchy breasts increased appetite and more frequent urination?


Are itchy nipples due to pregnancy?

no why do you ask

Itchy rash on penis frequent urination thirst?

are you itching in a not normally spot?????

Is itchy nipples sign of pregnancy?

Yes! it is a good sign! and its also normal in the pregnancy.

What is the cause for frequent urination itchy feeling when urine and cloudy urine?

diabetes most likely

How soon after pregnancy do nipples become itchy?

For some people they get itchy nipples as early as 2 weeks after sex. But for most people that doesn't start until around 6 weeks of pregnancy. It's different for each woman.

Are sore itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?

They can be. Here are some personal experiences:I had EXTREMELY itchy nipples with my first pregnancy, before I even knew that I was pregnant. I am ttc no. 4, and have itchiness in the left nipple.I had itchy nipples and/or breasts during both pregnancies from two days after ovulating until I miscarried on the first or delivered my baby on the second. I have only had itchy nipples otherwise while trying to conceive (and there's evidence I was having an implant problem) or when I had thrush when I was breastfeeding. You could also have nipple eczema or thrush but you'd probably have a noticeable reddness or cracked nipples.

Are itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?

Do your nipples itch a lot in the first week of pregnancy?

Generally not in the first week, because people don't usually get pregnancy symptoms until 2 weeks at the earliest. However, itchy boobs and nipples are common during pregnancy because the boobs are growing and stretching

Sore itchy nipples?

How do you stop itchy nipples during pregnancy?

keep lotion,or other body cream on them.coco butter lotion doe's wonder's for me.

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