Are forum arena bindings good

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Yes they are sick! So much better than any other Burton or Flow binder. I've rode Burton high end bindings and went through my Flow phase. These bindings are top notch, super cush on landings, lightweight, and easily tweakable. And the colors are sick, especially if you are cool enough to match up with the Forum Grudge, or Grudge LRG limited boards (no biases here, lol).

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Q: Are forum arena bindings good
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Are Burton bindings very secure?

Burton snowboard bindings generally have a good reputation and are secure. There are various types of Burton bindings, so which one you go for will depend on the type of snowboarding you do.

Are union force snowboard bindings good?

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Is it better to havegood skis or good bindings?

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Are k2 snowboard bindings any good i have never used k2 in my life and i need new bindings and it just seems to me that they are not of good quality or if there are too many design flaws?

I'm not sure where you heard that K2 bindings have design flaws, but I wouldn't agree with that at all. Although I ride traditional strap bindings, K2 makes the Cinch which is their take on a Flow styled convenience binding. As for their regular traditional bindings, I would say that it depends on which model you're looking at. All brands make cheap $129 beginner bindings that are exactly that, for beginners.

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