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NO they are absoultly horrible.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-31 02:40:30
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Q: Are firefly snowboards any good
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Are liquid snowboards good?

Liquid snowboards are good snowboards but do not last for very long. These type of snowboards are no longer in production.

Are Santa Cruz snowboards good?

santa cruz snowboards are great

Are Roxy Snowboards good?


Are t9 snowboards good?

yes it is

Are Lamar snowboards any good?

Lamar, Forum and Burton boards are all really high quality

Are empire snowboards any good?

NOOO they are terrible dont get them they are S H I T T Y

Are Original Sin snowboards good?


Are LTD snowboards good?

LTD snowboards are considered budget snowboards and they are ok to be honest but there are definitely a lot of better brands ANSWER: I would not suggest LTD to any of my friends even if they were just starting to get into snowboarding. Too many smokin' deals out there right now especially if you are in the States.

Are nitro snowboards good?

Nitro snowboards are great snowboards for the person who has a limited budget. There are more expensive boards on the market, but the Nitro boards hold up well in comparison.

Are there any snowboards that are made in Rome?

Yes, there are actually many snowboards made in Rome. In fact, there is a wide variety of different snowboards and styles made in Rome, and Rome, New York as well.

Are firefly skateboard boots good?


Where can one purchase used Never Summer snowboards?

Used Never Summer snowboards can be purchased from any local shop that sells snowboards. They can also be found online from eBay and Amazon, and it's also possible to find them on Craigslist.

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