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Yes FIREBALL SKATEBOARDS are good they help with balance and many other other things I always say start of with fire ball skateboards before and other skate board

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โˆ™ 2012-07-17 20:24:20
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Q: Are fire ball skate boards any good?
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Are vans good skate shoes?

I like vans because I can feel the boards

Is flip a good skateboard brand?

flip is one of the best skate boards you could buy.

Are baker skate boards a really good brand for street skating?

Not really...get krooked or girl

What are the skateboard team names?

Good skate teams are zero skateboards girl skateboards fallen shoes and apareal etnies shoes and appaeral Siren skate boards rliance skateboards BFC (boards for christ) KKSM(king of kings skate ministry)

What are considered good skate boards?

Just ask people who work where your buying it.To get a good oppinion, you have to go to a legit skate storeOnce you get into skateboarding you will know what you like in a board.

Are there good skateboards sold in the United Arab Emirates?

There is a shop in Dubai mall called Rage. It has good skate-boards.

What is the best brand of skate boards?

Almost I disagree.Their are many good boards.The best board,is the one that is most comfortable and suitable for you. :D

Are Walmart skate board good?

No the wood is not good it will snap and the grip is really soft the and you cant even do and Ollie so i recommend getting boards from infinity ends or zumiez

What are good skateboard brands?

Watch skate promotional videos, or look up pro skaters and see who they are endorsed by and which boards/wheels/trucks they use.

Where are skateboards sold?

Skateboards are sold at Wal - Mart, K - Mart and Target. But those boards stink. For good quality boards, go to a Zumiez skate shop or order from Yes, these boards are about 60 dollars but they last a long time of you take care of them. Check out your local skate shop. (I recommend the companies Girl, Enjoi, Toy Machine, Instinct and Creature)

Which are better dirt bikes or skateboards?

dirt bikes ! Although skate boards are good, bikes are funner and alot esyer to do jumps and tricks on but long mid boards, like z man and sector 9 are really funn

What Desired traits of a pro basketball player?

Tall, good ball handling, good at grabbing boards, good shooter, good at both offense and defense, and etc.

What many inches long and wide does a skate board have to be?

doesn't really matter but smaller boards are easier to maneuver like a size 6 or 7's are good

Can 775 skateboard trucks fit on a 788 skateboard deck?

yeah bro they will fit smaller trucks are good for wider boards man just skate it up

Are tiki boards good?

No they are bad! for good boards go on a good longboard site or they will tell you the info on good boards for downhill, sliding and free ride.

What kind of education does a skate shop owner need?

They need to know what skateboarding is the parts needed to fix and put together a skateboard. they need to know how to run a skate shop and the matirals needed to run that shop. Like clothse, shoes, pants, and boards, and skating aqupment. these and even more thing are need to run a skate shop once you can get a good under standing of what is needed and what it will coast you will be capubul of runing your own skate shop good luck.

What boards are good if large flat boards are needed?

errm.. large flat one are good!

How do you get sponsored in Skate 3?

Get good

Are element skateboards any good?

no element skate boards are good but girl is better but, element snaps easily! this being true, element rocks socks like a fox in a box with chicken pox that smalls like rocks

Is a luxury ball good in Pokemon emerald?

depends how you use it, and what for. If, for instance, it was a dive ball and you used it on a fire pokemon, it would be crap.

Is there such thing of fake skateboards?

No there is not such thing as fake skateboard but if the skate is cheap I won't be high quality and it would break easily a good skate shop to get a good skate is zumiez

What are some good skate team names?

some good skate team names are EXCEL,RUMBLE,MINDLESS,AND NOLLIE

Where can you buy good quality skateboards online?

just type in skateboards on google and skate warehouse is a good place and skate america

Is the boardroom skate park good?


What is a good name for a skate brand?