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thank God if you have both you lucky in your live same as i do

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Q: Are education and sports good together?
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What does it mean to be a New Zealander?

good education, sports,

What sports are Kenya good at?

sports >> organization >> country (kenya) >> participation >> olympics, education, records, etc.

How does education affects participation in sports?

Participation in sports affect your Education because if you want to become a gym teacher,police,army man,etc.You will need to be good at sports and you have to get A's in Physical Education[P.E]. More info's an be at my website. bye!

What sports would be good for a family?

The best sports you can play with everyone together is soccer and basketball. These sports allow everyone to have fun together, including the younger members.

Should student athletes have to get good grades to play sports?

Yes. If you didn't then you will not care about an education. You will only care about sports. You will then never go to a good college then never get a good job.

How sports and physical education assist on growth of sports?

In physical education, you are being conditioned for the sports you play. Therefore, it helps you grow in sports.

What is the benefit of sports education?

Sports Education can be important to keep people away from slipping into obesity. It teaches you about sports and how to play them.

Why Education is not same as sports?

Education involves mental action and sports involves physical action.

What is Sport Education?

Sports education is a form of physical education that emphasizes participation in sports as a way of developing skills, learning rules, practicing good sportsmanship, leading an active lifestyle, participating in a group, and learning leadership skills. Faced with cutbacks in physical education courses over the 1980s and 1990s, physical education teachers were often reduced to teaching sports skills apart from the actual game. Many teachers see sports education as a way of revitalizing physical education and making it more useful to students.

Should you change PE and call it sports education?

no because PE is short for physical education they have a sports education class already

Why is education and sports so important?

because when you are older if you have good education in sports then when you are older you will be more energetic and be up 2 things more and educatton for example if you have a kid and you havent been learning in education then your kid will maybe ask help in a question and you will not know the answer and you will feel dumb

What education is needed to be a sports medicine physician?

Knowledge of orthopedic surgery is a good idea, as well as metabolic disorders.

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