Are dockers pants made in US?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Dockers pants are known as a good work pant that still looks good at the end of the day. The pants are not made in the United States.

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Q: Are dockers pants made in US?
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Where are dockers manufactured?

I have a pair of dockers pants made in Cambodia, a white shirt made in Thailand, and my slippers were made in China. They are made everywhere.

Where can one find pants for men made by Dockers?

One can find pants and trousers for men by the company Dockers in many fashion and clothing stores, such as ASOS. Alternatively, visit Amazon or Ebay webpages.

Where can one purchase a pair of Docker pants for men?

Dockers US has a large catalogue of Docker pants for both men and women. If you happen to live at Finland, Zalando has a another good catalogue of Dockers, with a quick delivery.

Will Haggar pants hold their shape in comparison to Dockers?

Dockers hold their shape much longer than Haggar pants because of the materials used.

What is the difference between Dockers and Levis?

Dockers makes mostly Khaki pants and Levi's are more about jeans.

Where could someone buy Dockers pants online?

Dockers can be purchased from many places both online and instore. Online, Dockers official website or amazon would be good options. In Store, Macys or JC Penny would be great depending on your budget.

Do they still make dockers denim pleated pants?

They no longer make them.

Who makes wrinkle resistant dress pants?

A wide range of manufacturers make wrinkle-resistant pants including the Gap, Dockers and other big names in pants.

What brand makes men's dress pants that have a roomy fit in the seat and thighs?

DOCKERS Trousers

How would Dockers pants compare to J. Crew pants when worn in extreme heat and humidity conditions?

J.Crew are the best in overall quality and breathability.

Where are dockers made?

If you are referring to the AFL football team known as the Fremantle Dockers, they are based at Fremantle, Western Australia, which is a south-western suburb of Perth

Who makes dockers slacks?

The company Dockers makes Dockers slacks. August, 2010. Levi Strauss is the parent for Dockers slacks.