Are decisions and goals connected

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Are decisions and goals connected
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How do you accomplish your goals?

By working hard and making wise decisions.

What explains why the game of economics is about setting goals as much as it is about making allocation decisions?

There are different and incompatible economic goals.

What are the differences between strategic and operational decisions?

Strategic decisions affect long term goals whilst operational decisions are for short term and day to day efficiency

What if your values and goals will give you a firm idea on the importance of what?

A. Making healthy decisions.

What is a policy in care?

Care policy are decisions undertaken, to achieve specific health care goals.

How was imperialism connected to Champlain's goals?

It was connected by the fact that he loved to take over settlements and countrys. Plus he loved to go to the potty! :P

How is yoga and Hinduism connected?

Yoga was practiced by saints and munis to achieve the highest goals of life. Since they were hindu Yoga is connected to hinduism.

Which local Technical School will best meet my educational goals?

You must answer this question for yourself. Once you map out your educational goals, you can investigate programs that will help meet those goals. No one can make those decisions for you.

What economic goals correlates with the explanation the ability of people to make choices?

There are different economic goals that correlate with the explanation decisions about how much workers should receive in income. Some of these goals include lifestyle, security and equity.

What are corperate objectives?

Well defined and realistic goals set by a company that often influences its internal strategic decisions.

What is the scope of financial objective of business organizations?

Financial objectives are created to guide managers with their financial decisions. By comparing their decisions to the financial goals of the organizations, the manager can determine whether they are on the right track.

What are the major goals of econometric analysis?

To obtain reliable estimate of the co-efficient of economic relationship and use them for policy decisions