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Yes, soccer stadiums can vary from 100-120 yards long, to 50-100 yards wide!

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Usually. It depends on which college but a full sized soccer field is used from age 12 until professionals.

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Q: Are college soccer fields and world cup soccer fields the same size?
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What sports have a field?

yes all NFL football fields are the same 110 yards long.

What is the outfield fence distance of a college baseball field?

Why someone would say 200 feet is beyond me-- little league fields are bigger than that. College fields are roughly the same as big league fields-- roughly 400 feet to center, 325 feet to the edges.

What are some similarities of professional soccer and regular soccer?

Depends on where you play for this one. Professional soccer is pretty much the same for everywhere, but regular soccer differs around the world.

What college is better UCLA or Cal Poly?

I say CalPoly because it's known for specializing in certain fields. UCLA is just general and all it's fields are the same.

Do they play soccer different in Estonia?

No. Soccer is an international sport, with standard rules around the world. There are different variations of soccer, like 5-a-side, but they are the same around the world. So the standard rules of soccer apply in Estonia, like in other countries.

What are the Pan American soccer rules?

Soccer is played by the same rules in every part of the world, with very few (non-notable) exceptions.

What is the biggest sport in the world?

It is probably soccer. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world I think because they have leagues all over the world other than like basketball or football. In football they have lots of leagues but different rules, but soccer is worldwide and has the same rules wherever you play it.

What soccer tournament will be played in 2009?

The same one that is played every year..the world cup

How is soccer the same in other countries to USA?

Football has the same rules world wide. All countries at pro level have to adhere to the same rules.

What are the rules for Ireland soccer?

The rules for soccer in Ireland are the same as the rest of the world. You may be referring to the sport of Gaelic Football. See the related question below if that is what you are looking for.

What is the most watched sport in the world football or soccer?

Contrary to American belief, football refers to the sport of association football - what they call soccer - in most of the world. Almost any person would tell you they are the same thing, and it is the most watched sport in the world.

What does soccer in Italy involve?

soccer is the same no matter where you go.