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Yes, they are awarded medical red shirts depending on the amount of the season played, and sport, which allow them another year of eligibility. If they are scholarship recipients they are able to carry out that year of eligibility even if their schooling is complete; As far as monetary compensation, No, other than paid medical bills and transportation etc.

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Q: Are college athletes compensated for their injuries?
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How much does a college wrestler get paid?

NCAA regulations prohibit student-athletes from being compensated outside of tuition and dorm expenses.

What is compensatory justice?

The extent to which injured parties are compensated for their injuries by those who have injured them.

What individuals are at high risk for maxillofacial injuries?

Athletes are particularly at risk of maxillofacial injuries.

Regulations of speaking to college athletes?

There aren't regulations of speaking to college athletes.

What percentage of college basketball athletes have career ending injuries?

Many college players get minor or serious injuries when playing sports. About roughly 330 to 400 people get injuried in their sport. Now if you wanted to know how many pros get injured that is a lot larger. About 500 players in any sport gets in an accidents during a game.

What are injuries that affect athletes?

concussions, torn ligaments, trauma

Can you go to class with a college athlete?

Yes, college athletes attend class with non athletes.

Has Sarah Collins Rudolph been compensated for injuries sustained in 16th St Church bombing1963?

Not yet.

What is the percentage of professional athletes getting hurt?

It depends what kind of injuries you're talking about, and in what time span. All athletes suffer from minor injuries all the time, but those are obviously temporary. Serious injuries that take a while to recover happen to most athletes at some point in their carreer. Specific percentages is hard to say.

Why do many athletes use Rolfing?

Many amateur and professional athletes, including Olympic skaters and skiers, use Rolfing to keep in top condition, to prevent injuries, and to more quickly recover from injuries.

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Lori L. Te Selle has written: 'The influence of social support on athletic injury rehabilitation' -- subject(s): College athletes, Social networks, Patients, Attitudes, Psychological aspects, Sports injuries, Athletes, Rehabilitation

Why are olympic athletes wearing yellow shoes?

There are more foot injuries in olympic athletes who go barefoot, and they have more problems with traction.