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Most of the time a caddy is an employee of the golfer. Where I caddy (Royal Portrush Golf Club) we have a caddy master who arranges caddys for visiting golfers, however he is an employee of the club. Some clubs around the world will employ full time caddys and aim to make a profit from hiring them to members and visiting golfers.

On the professional tours a caddy is always an employee of the golfer.

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Q: Are caddies employees of clubs or players?
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Who are the caddies at the masters?

Up until 1983, all players were supplied caddies by Augusta National. From 1983 they were allowed to bring their own. They are the caddies who would caddy for the players on a week to week basis on tour.

Where are golf courses that have caddies in America?

The number of golf courses that offer caddies in the United States are too numerous to mention. Generally, this type of service will be found at private clubs and prestigious public clubs.

Are there any rules in golf regarding selection of caddies in a golf club?

Very rarely. In most clubs it is decided by a rota, though some players choose which caddy they want.

Caddies ryder cup?

The caddies for the players in the Ryder Cup are the ones they use week to week on the professional tours.

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The difference between the men's golf clubs and junior golf clubs is the age bracket that the golf clubs are used by players. Junior golf clubs are used by young players typically aged from 7 to 16 years old while men's golf clubs are used by adult players from 18 years old and above. These golf clubs come in different sizes and material to fit players properly.

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