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Yes, they are a lot better because regular Google straps can snap easily because they are plastic. Bungee cord goggle straps are better because they cant snap and are really easy to loosen and tighten! Now, I always use bungee cord straps for swimming!

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Q: Are bungee cord goggle straps better then regular goggle straps?
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What is the difference between moving straps and bungee cords?

Moving straps have thick bands and are not stretchable, they usually have a belt type tightener. A bungee cord has hooks at the end and is stretchy for pulling things tight.

How do you secure a bike to a car using bungee cords?

preferably you don't. Bungee cords may stretch if you hit a bump and allow the bike to become unseated. You're better off using woven straps that won't stretch. If you must use bungee, make sure stretching them real tight so that the bike can't become dislodged.

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Can you secure a car battery with a bungee cord?

It won't pass inspection at next test. Luggage straps made of nylon webbing and sliding fasteners may get through the test.

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Following a very diligent search of the Internet, (all 3 seconds of it). It seems that extra strong bungee straps are no longer made. This is because of the complaints of Chandelier Makers, and the damage being done to their works of art. Also helping the downfall of extra strong bungee cord were Wardrobe Makers, who were getting tired of replacing bent door hinges and polishing out stiletto heel scratches.

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What exactly is finis swimp 3?

The Finis Swimp3 is actually a waterproof MP3 player. This MP3 player does not use ear buds, but instead uses bone conduction transmission, allowing it to be attached to goggle straps. This allows for a fun and hassle free swimming workout.