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no they are green

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Q: Are blue jay eggs blue
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What does blue jay eggs look like?

A light grey, with darker speckles. The link below will take you to a photo of Blue jay eggs.

A blue jay lays how many eggs?

The female blue jay lays and incubates 4-5 eggs over 16-18 days.

How does a blue jay act?

a blue jay acts really mean. if another bird messes with its nest, the blue jay messes with there nest and they steal there eggs.

How many eggs do blue jay lay?

4-6 eggs.

Does a blue jay lay eggs?

Yes, like all birds, blue jays lay eggs.

Is a blue jay a carnivore?

A blue jay is not a carnivore. A blue jay isn't a herbivore. Blue jays eat plants, worms, seeds, and eggs, so that would make it an omnivore.

How many eggs do blue jay eggs lay?

Normally four or five.

What color is a blue jay's egg?

The color of Blue Jays eggs are yellow.

What is the number of eggs a blue jay has?

their average is 4 eggs a year but range is 3-6 eggs.

How much eggs are produced from a blue jay in a year?


How many eggs does a blue jay lay?

root beer

What do blue jay's eat?

Blue jays are scavengers, and eat nearly anything organic. Seeds, bread, scraps, bird eggs, fruit are all on the blue jay's menu.

How is a blue jay bird born?

All birds come from eggs.

What is the trophic level for a blue jay?

A blue jay exists mainly as a primary consumer, though it rarely eats eggs, potentially classifying it as a secondary consumer.

What are the colors of blue jay birds eggs?

i dont know maybe green

Is it illegal to kill blue jay in Ohio?

no because they kill roobin eggs

Will a blue jay take a robins eggs?

Yes. Blue jays often raid the nests of other species.

How does a blue jay get food?

Blue jays are oppurtunists, and will eat anything organic from insects, bird eggs, bread, and seeds.

How long does it take for the blue jay's eggs to hatch?

Blue jays lay 2 to 7 eggs in nests 10 to 25 feet above the ground. The eggs hatch after 17 to 18 days of incubation.

What bird lays blue eggs with black spots?

there are alot more but one species is the house finch with pale blue eggs and black spots on the larger bottom of the egg

How many eggs can a blue jay have?

Blue jays lay 4 to 5 eggs at one time. The mother will keep them warm for 16 to 18 days and then a new generation will begin.

How does a blue jay behavior?

Blue jays are raucus, aggresive birds. They will eat anything organic, even eggs and young of smaller birds.

Gestation time for blue jay eggs?

14 days from the time she lays her final egg in the clutch.

What blue jay birds eats?

Insects, fruit, seeds, eggs, and any kind of organic matter.

How does blue jay birds give birth?

They don't, you numskull, they lay eggs, that hatch!! See how smart I am!!

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