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Yes, they are different sizes although they are typically made of the same material.

Billiard balls (carom billiards) are 61.5mm diameter.

Pool balls (pocket billiards) are 57.15mm diameter.

Snooker balls are 52.5mm diameter, although this can depend on where they are manufactured.

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Q: Are billiard balls different to snooker balls?
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What are billiard balls?

Billiard balls can refer to the balls used for English billiards, pocket billiards, or snooker.

What is the difference between the billiard balls used in snooker and the the ones used in pool?

Billiard balls used in snooker tend to be bigger and heavier then the balls used in pool. The billiard ball for instance is often 61.5 mm as opposed to the 57.15 mm for most pool balls.

What is difference between billiard and snooker?

Billiards there are 3 balls on the table, no pockets. Snooker, 6 pockets, 22 balls on the table.

Where are billiard balls made?

In most Billiard, Pool and Snooker official tournaments, the balls used are made in Belgium by a company called Saluc - Aramith.

What is the difference between billiards pool and snooker?

All three are different kinds of cue games: Billiards, Pool, and snooker. Billiard tables have larger pockets and use slightly larger balls than snooker. Other than that the tables are very similar in size and design. The smaller snooker balls are red, and yellow with white cue balls. They are not numbered like billiard balls and the game is entirely different than say 8 or 9 ball played in the USA. A billiard table can be converted to snooker because you can make the holes smaller to accommodate the snooker balls, but not vice-versa. In snooker you keep score and after all the balls are potted it is the one with the highest score that wins. 147 is the maximum score but theoretically 155 is possible. With billiards an infinite score is theoretically possible. In pool it is ho pots all their balls and the black first that wins.

What is a billiard?

A billiard is a shot in billiards or snooker in which the cue ball strikes two other balls. It also refers to a cardinal number, 10 to the power of 15, or one thousand billion.

Is there any value in antique snooker balls?

I collect antique snooker balls and billiard balls. The value could be from as little as $20 USD for pre-WWII balls up to about $1000. The value is in any unique designs or materials. you can email me pics and i can give you a value. thanks

How man balls on billiard table?

BILLIARDS, or SNOOKER? Billiards only uses 3 ball's, 2 white (one with a spot on) and 1 red. SNOOKER has 15 reds, and six COLOURED balls. (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, and black.

What materials are billiard balls made of?

Early billiard balls were made of ivory. Today, billiard balls are made of either a polyester based or phenolic based resin.

Did Minnesota Fats play snooker?

Yes. He was a professional Billiard player.

How many grey balls are in a snooker game?

There are no grey balls in a standard game of snooker.

How many red balls used in a game of snooker?

15 red snooker balls.

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