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No big boobs don't mean you are obese but if your not careful guys will probably grab them and squeeze your nipples. Ha ha ha

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Q: Are big breasts a symptom of obesity?
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Is it a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts have a throbbing pain that comes and goes?

Hello, It can be yes. But a sharp pain is not a pregnancy symptom.

How do you determine how big your breasts will be?

you cant determine how big your breasts will be..

What can you eat to get a big butt and big breasts?

If you eat a lot of corn or other refined (processed) carbohydrates you can gain weight all over including weight on your breasts and butt. Refined (processed) carbohydrates are the major cause of unwanted weight gain and obesity. However, there in no healthy food, or unhealthy food, that enables you to gain weight on just your breasts and butt.

Is it a symptom of pregnancy if your breasts go tight and brown around the nipples?

It could be.

Could you be pregnant if your breasts have been sore and cloudy and bits of fluid are coming out of your nipples?

one symptom of pregnancy is sore breasts it is possible

Can your breasts grow from eating too much or is it just puberty?

The breasts grow during puberty as well as during obesity due to over eating.

Is it a symptom of pregnancy for your breasts to be sore and turn a mottled strange color?

I know that your breasts will become sore and your nipples and the skin around them will change color.

Why are your breasts still sore and you are on your period?

Breast tenderness is a common menstrual symptom. If you are not using birth control, take a pregnancy test, as it is also a symptom of pregnancy.

What are considered big breasts?

Different people have different perceptions of what is considered big breasts. Some might consider a C cup big, but most would consider a D cup to be be big breasts.

Do guys like girls with big breasts or little breasts?

Guys like women with big breasts, little breasts, medium breasts, and no breasts. Guys do not all share one brain, different guys like different breasts but more importantly they like the women that the breasts are attached to.

How big are jwowws breasts?


What if you have big breasts?

if i had big breasts i would shove them in boys faces.

Can your breasts start hurting only one week after conception?

Absolutley that was the first symptom I noticed.

Are veiny breasts a sign of pregnancy?

Yes but it is also a symptom of PMS so take a HPT.

How do you say big breasts in French?

Big breasts are 'des gros seins' (familiar/slangish) in French.

If your breast hurts around the nipple area and sides of your breasts are you pregnant?

This is a pregnancy symptom, however it is also a symptom that your period is about to arrive. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

If a girls mom has big breasts is it bound that she will have big breasts to?

not necessarily. it's all about genetics. she may, or she may not. you'd need a karyotype to be certain. If the mom is homozygous dominant for large breasts, the daughter will definitely have big breasts. barring a mutation -Akilae

Is obesity a big problem?

Yes and No

Are bleeding gums a symptom of pregnancy and how long does it last if it is?

No...more like a symptom of gingivitis. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue * nausea/vomiting * increased sense of smell * weight gain

Do guys like fake breasts?

it all depends on the guy. some men prefer natural then again it really doesnt matter because men like breasts at any size ;)I prefer big natural breasts but I am not picky. Let's put it this way: If I had to pick between big natural breasts and big fake breasts then I would go with big natural breasts.

Do woman with large breast have better chance of cancer?

The area is bigger so there's more cells so that way it can be but you are not more inclined getting breast cancer or any type of cancer because you have big breasts. If you have big breasts because you are obese for instance you have a bigger risk since obesity and over weight increases the risk of cancer, mainly in the stomach and colon.

Are people with morbid obesity powerless over this disease?

No, the condition can have numerous underlying causes that may require treatment before the obvious symptom can be dealt with. A healthy knowledge of Nutrition and exercise. will generally reverse obesity.

How big will your breasts be?

as big as God intends

How big are kathleen robertson's breasts?


How big can female breasts get?

As Big as E