Are basketballs made of pigskin

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No, basketballs are made out of really high quality rubber, leather, or a synthetic composite. Leather basketballs are the more traditional made ones, but the other types of basketballs are used as well. Basketballs made from high quality rubber are usually made in China. Rubber basketballs are made out of a very strong substance, which, when the air in the Basketball is pressed down upon hard, the particles push up. This forces the basketball to come back up.

It all depends on who the ball is made for! An NBA basketball is made of composite leather, a synthetic material designed to withstand slam dunks and allow all-stars like Kobe Bryant to keep a good grip as they go for the ally-oop! WNBA ballsare also made of composites but are slightly smaller because female players tend to have smaller hands. High school and college stars use real leather balls sometimes. Rubber balls are for novice players and are great for street games because of their durability. Beneath the surface, deep within each basketball lies a gridwork of nylon, rubber, and a material called butyl. These layers help the ball stand up to hours of double dribbles.

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Q: Are basketballs made of pigskin
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