Are arsenal good

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of course they are

rvp is legend

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Q: Are arsenal good
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Arshavin will play in Arsenal good or bad?


What do you have to do to enter the arsenal football academy?

An Arsenal scout sees you and thinks you are good. He says you can join the academy.

What football team is better arsenal or everton?

Arsenal but Everton are also a very good club.

Is arsenal a good football team?

they are crap

What is a good sentence using the word arsenal?

The sub had the largest arsenal of weapons the world had ever seen.

How do you join Arsenal football club?

you have to be a good footballer(extremely good)

Why can't Arsenal win a trophy?

Arsenal can't win a trophy because: they are not good enough to win trophy!

Is gervingo a good player to come to arsenal?

I believe he will have a good impact for the team.

Which football team is best arsenal or Celtic?

arsenal is the best out of all of the teams,but not Barcelona because they can beat any team,and real Madrid they got a good goal keeper,but arsenal can beat them Barcelona and real Madrid,it is the same to arsenal.

Is Thierry Henry on Arsenal for good or is it just a loan?


Why are arsenal so good?

because they are better than the rest/ keep up guys. ;0 arsenal are the best and will be the best forever :) !!!!!!!!!!!

How can you apply for arsenal?

Their are Several acadamies near by wear you leave...You will have to join acadamies and if you play well and good ..or the coach thinks you can be able play for Arsenal he will select you for in arsenal u17 then U18 then if you play better & etter you could be selected for the team Arsenal.....

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