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Yes, they all are

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Q: Are all these sports names proper nouns?
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Is david Johnson a proper noun?

David Johnson is a proper noun; all persons names are proper nouns; all proper nouns are capitalized.

Is Tennessee a proper noun?

yes, all names are proper nouns

Are peoples names concrete nouns?

Yes all proper nouns are considered concrete nouns.

What type of noun is 'Amy'?

Amy is a name All names are 'proper nouns'.

Is Eric a noun?

Yes the word Eric is a noun. All names are proper nouns.

Is Jason a noun?

Yes. Jason is a name and all names are known as "proper nouns".

What words need to be capitalized?

All proper nouns should be capitalized but all words are capitalized at the beginning of the sentence.

Is Central City Public Library a proper noun?

Yes because it is the name of the library. All proper nouns are names.

How do you spell cortladn?

The proper nouns Courtland, Cortland, and Cortlandt are all surnames and place names.

Is Ohio a noun?

Yes, Ohio is a noun. All state names are proper nouns.

Would Islam be a common or proper noun?

The word Islam is a proper noun, it is the name of a specific religion. Names for all religions are proper nouns.

When to capitalize a religion?

The names of religions are proper nouns, so they always begin with a capital.