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No they are spread across the country as one stadium could not facilitate all the matches in the timeframe they have.

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Q: Are all the rugby world cup games at Eden park?
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What is the name of Auckland's park where most of the rugby world cup will be in?

Eden Park will host the major games of the tournament in Auckland.

What New Zealand rugby team plays at Eden Park?

Eden Park is the home of the Auckland provincial rugby union team and the Auckland Blues Super Rugby franchise.

Why was eden park built for?

for the rugby and the cricket

What is the famous rugby park in Auckland starting with E?

Eden Park.

Is the rugby world cup in Christchurch in 2011?

No since the earthQuake it's been changed to Eden park, Auckland?

What is the name of the home ground of the Auckland rugby team?

Eden Park

What is the names of most famous rugby pitches all over the world?

Eden Park in New Zealand Millennium Stadium (Wales) The most famous is Twickinham the home of the Rugby Football Union

Where can you buy a pink and black rugby scarf as worn by tv commentators?

Eden park?

What is the name of New Zealand's rugby union national stadium?

Each New Zealand city has its own rugby stadium and the NZ Rugby Union doesn't have an official stadium of its own, but the premier New Zealand stadium is probably Eden Park in Auckland as Auckland has the largest population base and is where the World Cup final was held in 1987 and where the World Cup final will be held in 2011.

Which football team plays their home games at Rugby Park?

Rugby Park is the home of Kilmarnock F.C.

What was the score of the rugby world cup in 2007?

New Zealand beat Australia 22-0 in their Rugby Championship match at Eden Park on Saturday 25th August 2012.

What are some famous designers of rugby clothing?

There are several famous designer brands for rugby. Among them are Adidas, Eden Park, Canterbury, Puma, Gilbert, Bakline, Halbro, Rugby Imports, and more.