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Well they were dating before aj lee married cm punk. 😏😔

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Q: Are aj lee and dean ambrose dating?
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Are John Cena and Aj Lee Dating?

no there were not dating aj lee was just using john cena to gets peoples attention.

Who is diva aj lee dating?

She is dating cm punk

Who is aj lee going out with?

AJ is dating skateboarder and racer Brent Frost

Is John Cena and AJ Lee dating?


Is aj lee dating cm punk in the storyline?


Who Aj Lee dating?

Skateboarder Brent Frost

Who is Aj Lee Dating?

Skateboarder Brent Frost

Who is WWE diva aj lee dating?

She is married to wwe superstar cm punk.

Is aj lee dating cmpunk?

No, she is dating Brent Frost in real life

Is John cena and kaitlyn dating?

No John Cena is Dating AJ Lee

Who is cm punk dating in real life?

Aj lee

Is aj lee dating anyone in real life?

Yes, she is dating Brent Frost.