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Both are Division 1A schools. Virginia Tech plays in the Atlantic Coast Conference and Ohio State plays in the Big Ten Conference.

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Q: Are VA Tech and Ohio State in the same football division?
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What is he alltime record between Ohio State Buckeyes and the Virginia Tech Hokies?

Through the 2009 season, Ohio State and Virginia Tech have never met in football.

How many division one college football teams are in Tennessee?

yes. an AA program though. not D1- A. means a smaller d1 school

Division 1 college football programs in Louisiana?

There are several Division 1 college football programs in Louisiana. These include Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana Lafayette, as well as Louisiana Monroe.

How many division one 'Tech' football teams are there?


Do you have a list of all division 1 football teams in Tennessee?

Division 1-A: Memphis, Vanderbilt, Tennessee Division 1-AA: Austin Peay, Tennessee State, Tennessee-Martin, Tennessee-Chattanooga, Tennessee Tech

Has Clemson and Michigan ever played each other in football and if so who won?

Through the 2010 regular season, Clemson and Michigan have never met in football.

Is there a list of division IA schools in Georgia?

The only two Division 1-A football schools in Georgia are Georgia and Georgia Tech. There are two D1-AA schools: Georgia Southern and Savannah State.

How many Division 1A colleges have a bulldog as mascot?

Four: Fresno State, Mississippi State, Georgia and Louisiana Tech. Yale is also the Bulldogs, but is not technically considered Division 1A, since the Ivy League prohibits its football teams from participating in Bowl games. Gonzaga also has the Bulldog as a mascot, but does not have a football team, so cannot be considered Division 1A.

How division one college football teams in Virginia?

10. Division 1-A: University of Virginia, Virginia Tech. Division 1-AA: VMI, Hampton, James Madison, Norfolk State, Old Dominion, Richmond, Liberty, William and Mary.

What does the orange crown stand for on the Virginia Tech football helmets?

ACC Coastal Division champions

What is virginia tech famous for?

there a well known football state.

Could Texas tech and Ohio state play against each other in football this year?

The two teams are not scheduled to play, but it is possible-but unlikely-the two could meet in a bowl game. In order for that to happen, either Texas Tech would need to perform wildly above expectations or Ohio State would need to be much worse than expected.