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Yes. They had a good relationship and even did things together in the offseason.

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Q: Are Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson friends?
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Did troy aikman play on the Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Aikman spent 12 years with the Cowboys between 1989-2000.

Who drafted Troy Aikman. Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson?

Tom Landry was fired on February 25, 1989 and the draft was conducted on April 23rd; therefore Jimmie Johnson was coach when Troy Aikman was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys

What nicknames does Troy Aikman go by?

Troy Aikman was born on November 21, 1966.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys quarterback In 1996?

Troy Aikman.

What is Troy Aikman's birthday?

Troy Aikman was born on November 21, 1966.

What number did Troy Aikman wear?

Troy Aikman wore jersey #8

Who was the quarterback in 1996 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Aikman was the starter with Jason Garret and Wade Wilson backing him up.

How many rushing touchdowns did Troy Aikman have?

Troy Aikman had 9 rushing touchdowns in his career.

Is Troy Aikman still playing for the Dallas Cowboys?

No. Troy Aikman retired on April 9, 2001.

How many super bowl rings troy aikman have?

Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowl rings.

When was Troy Aikman NFL Football created?

Troy Aikman NFL Football was created in 1994-08.

When did aikman retire?

Troy Aikman retired after the 2000 season.