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I believe most players are paid in American dollars, but i think they can chose what currency they want to be paid in if it is included in the contract. All players on the Raptors are paid in American dollars, because each team on the NBA has to have a salary cap, which is in American dollars. Also, because the players on the Toronto Raptors team are mostly from the United States, so they would rather be paid in American dollars, than Canadian.

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Q: Are Toronto Raptors players paid in Canadian dollars?
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Who are the best players that have ever played for the Toronto Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors are not snakes but members of the NBA, National Basketball Association. They started in 1995 an some of their best players include Charles Oakley,Tracy McGrady, and also to mention Marcus Camby.

What players wear number 18 in the NBA?

Marco Belinelli from the Golden State Warriors, Anthony Parker from the Toronto Raptors and Sasha Vujacic from the L.A. Lakers.

Have the Toronto raptors or Utah jazz have a better franchise?

The Utah Jazz have, and by far. The Raptors have barely gotten anywhere in the playoffs. The Jazz, on the other hand, have been contenders in the playoffs for years. They have also had two of the best players in the league in John Stockon and Karl Malone.

How many players on the 1977 Toronto Blue Jays were Canadian?

1, utility infielder Dave McKay was born in Vancouver, BC.

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Jake Voskuhl Andrea Bargnani Nathan Jawai(Now assigned to play in the D-League) Kris Humphries Patrick O'Bryant SOME of these players also play PF aswell

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17 players are Canadian

Nba players that have the same first and last name?

There is a guard playing for the Toronto Raptors who is named Anthony Parker. The San Antonio Spurs' starting point guard is also named Tony Parker.

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Every team in the N.H.L. has Canadian players on their roster

Who were the first players of the Toronto raptors?

Dwayne Whitfield Žan Tabak \John Salley Damon Stoudamire Carlos Rogers Alvin Robertson Ed Pinckney Tracy Murray Tony Massenburg Acie Earl Vincenzo Esposito Willie Anderson

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Most non-Canadian hockey players have been drafted from American teams to the Canadian teams.

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