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In some cases yes, but they are not barrels made by Spyder. For instance Dye makes a barrel for spyder markers. So better be safe than sorry, look for a barrel that tells you it is designed for JT markers.

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Q: Are Spyder barrels compatible with JT markers?
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Does a Phat stick barrel fit a JT outkast paintball gun?

As long as it has the correct barrel threads it will. JT markers are spyder threaded, just make sure the barrel has spyder threads and yes it will work.

How does a jt tac-5m recon paintball gun work?

It's a spyder clone. So youtube up some how-tos on spyder maintenance

What is better tag 5m recon or spyder victor?

The spyder victor is a more reliable gun than the JT. You should also look into the Azodin Kaos.

Does the jt barrel fit the T-storm paintball gun?

You must get a Spyder threaded one for it to fit.

Are all tippman paintball gun barrel threds the same?

no their not. there is an old and new style of 98 threads. one fits the other also but i dont remember which. the a5 and the x7 have the same threads but are different from the 98. the pro also has the same threads as the 98(not sure wether new or old 98 threads).

What are good paintball gun companys?

All Companies have very good standards for paintball markers and accessories, with the exception of the low end Brass Eagle, JT, Stryker, Spyder markers or anything sold at Generic retail stores (Walmart, Kmart, ect.) Some exceptional and high end Paintball marker companies include Planet Eclipse, Dye, Bob Long, higher end Smart Parts markers, DLX and Angel Paintballbut i think tippmann is the best

What type of gun can be used with splatter paint balls?

only jt splatmaster markers such as the z200 shotgun and the z100 pistol

How do you make a tac-5 recon full auto?

Sadly JT did not put the ability to make it full auto. The double trigger style allows for fast shooting. JT has however released more markers with this desired feature.

What nicknames does JT Alexander go by?

JT Alexander goes by JT.

Which is better 98custom or JT Stealth Convert Ops paintball gun?

98 custom is the best option. While both of them are cheap starter markers, almost all Jt products have a reputation for using cheap breakable parts, where Tippmann has an almost legendary reputation for durability (that is why the 98 is a standard rental model)

Is s JT cybrid paintball mega kit a good gun?

No. Cybrid makes very low quality markers. You will get a better investment saving money and buying a more expensive marker.

Is jt a name?

Yes it is, and I can prove it. My names JT.