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Southampton is currently an average team as they are in league one however they are likely to be promoted to the championship at the end of this season. Southampton are currently in the 4th round of the F.A cup after beating Blackpool 2-0 and will play Manchester United tommorrow on Saturday 28th January 2011.

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Q: Are Southampton playing football on Saturday.?
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Southampton Football Club is one of the clubs currently playing in the English Premier League. The wage bill of Southampton FC is 64 million pounds.

What is Southampton Twitter handle?

The Twitter handle of Southampton Football club is @SouthamptonFC.

What is Southampton fc's address?

It is Southampton Football Club, St Mary's Stadium, Britannia Road Southampton Hampshire SO14 5FP

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Dr nasser siabi?

Born in Iran 1963, Lives in Southampton UK, Graduated from Southampton University, loves playing football. A really nice guy and a kind to friends and neighbours, one of the greatest people to get to know and very helpful

What are the different parts of the Southampton football badge?

Starting from the top: a halo, a football, a red and white scarf, a tree, the sea, a white flower and at the bottom is written Southampton F.C

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The duration of Saturday Night Football is 3.5 hours.

Latest news on new manager for Southampton football club?

Nigel Adkins is currently the manager of Southampton and is not looking to leave his job.

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Saturday Night Football was created on 2006-09-02.

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What football team did alex oxlade chamberlain play for?

He played in Southampton's youth team and went on to play for Southampton's seniors. He then moved to Arsenal.