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That was just a storyline, with Dominick. I'm discusted with the creative team, dealing with that storyline, but they're still friends.

Answeryeah, the Dominic thing's just a story line (although i'd say it's pretty dumb and cruel for a storyline), in fact, Rey and Eddie enjoy working with each other and pretend to hate each other on tv. AnswerThey are still amigos after that emotional storyline! Rey and Eddie are like brothers to each other Answeri knw some think it is a story line but i don't think it is as one one one with Rey Mysterio vidoes he talks about needing to go settle some business with Eddie Guerrero... if it was a story line all i can say is it was cruel but they are still brothers if it wasnt they still are because they both look up 2 eafch other as a wrestler, as a fan as BROTHERS

October 2008

For your information WWE creative did not come up with that storyline. Eddie and Rey are the two responsible for that storyline not WWE creative. And Dom loved doing every minute of it.

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Q: Are Rey and Eddie still friends even after the Dominick thing?
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