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uh... yeah

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Q: Are Osiris NYC 83 shoes good to skateboard with?
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Where did Tobias Mead from Britain's Got Talent get his shoes?

Osiris NYC 83

Where in NYC can people get cheap boots?

In NYC you could find cheap boots at Fabco. Fabco is a shoe retailer that sells shoes for cheap prices. Also the shoes and boots at Fabco are okay quality which is good.

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Selling shoes in NYC can be tricky. Unless they are from a luxury brand and in good condition, you should probably just donate them to charity. If they are designer shoes, you can try to sell them to a consignment store like Beacon's Closet or INA.

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kind of

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ask a local!

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There is a good map on website. You could also try to download an application on your smartphone of the NYC subway map so that you can use this whilst on the move.

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