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No, but nike 6.0 and nike SB shoes are Skateboarding shoes

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Q: Are Nike oz skateboarding shoes
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Where could one purchase Nike skateboarding shoes?

Nike skateboarding shoes can be purchased at most shoe stores. A few examples of these stores are Pay Less, Foot Locker, and DSW Shoe Warehouse. They can also be found at the Nike website.

What kind of shoes does Doctor Oz wear at the hospital?

nike shoes

What does Nike sb stand for?

nike sb stands for Nike skateboarding

What does the sb in Nike dunk sb mean?

nike sb= nike skateboarding

Are Nike shoes better than vans?

No. Vans has a long history in skateboarding. They design their shoes with that sport in mind. While Nike makes a good shoe overall, the Vans shoes are more mature in skateboarding shoe technology and modifications. yeah vans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Vans are fu***** awsome!!! they are sooo comfortable, I tryed DC but they suck compared to vans! get vans!!!

Where to get good skate shoes ?

You can buy skate shoes in any online shop. You can find it at where different brands of skate shoes you can find like Fallen Footwear, Vans Skateboarding Shoes, Globe Shoes, DC Skateboarding Shoes, etnies, Osiris, Emerica, Adio, Nike SB, IPath at cheap and a low price.

How do Nike Kids athletic shoes compare to Vans kids athletic shoes?

Nike is generally a more reputable and durable brand than Vans, and is purposed more so for sports as Vans is more towards activities such as skateboarding.

Which kind of shoes are good for skateboarding?

Airwalk is the best skateboarding shoes and skateboards.

Are Osiris's good for skateboarding?

definatly not. what i like to get are some Adidas skateboarding, nike sb, vans half cabs, and MAYBE some lakais. the shoes i really prefer are the stefan janoski nike sb's, paul rodriguez 2.5's, and Adidas campus vulc

What is the top three skateboarding shoes?

Nike 6.0 n sb,emerica,n a tie between supra vans n dc

What are good shoes to skateboard in?

skateboarding shoes

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