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Yes. The team was known as the Boston Patriots from 1960 to 1970. After that they were the Bay State Patriots, and then the New England Patriots.

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Yes, as the Chiefs have struggled to post winning records - just one in the last six seasons.

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Q: Are New England Patriots better than Kansas City Chiefs?
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Who's better the Kansas City Chiefs or the Washington Redskins?

Kansas city

Who is better New England Patriots or Miami Dolphins?

new England patriots

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the colts by a long shot

What NFL team has the better overall football team?

New England Patriots

Who is better Cardinals or Patriots?

The New England Patriots because they have a good quarterback Tom Brady and a great offense Rob Gronkowski.

Who did green bay beat in 1997 to go to the Super Bowl?

heres a better question, which one have they won?

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The Patriots - the Browns have posted just two winning seasons from 1999 onward.

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no doubt that the chiefs are better than the raiders because last year the chiefs stomped them

Who is better the Carolina Panthers or the New England Patriots?

Tough call - the Panthers have won two of five career meetings and played brilliantly in the Superbowl against the Patriots.

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Who is better - Patriots or Bears?


Which team is better the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Kansas City Chiefs?

That's more of an opinion question, but the Steelers lead the all time series 19-10. The Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls and the Chiefs have won 1 Super Bowl.