Are NFL shoulder pads smaller

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nfl pads are larger than lax pads

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Q: Are NFL shoulder pads smaller
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What are the official shoulder pads of the NFL?


What are the NFL shoulder pads made out of?

plastic yo

Weight of shoulder pads?

The weight of the shoulder pads worn by professional athletes depends on the sport, and the size and position of the player. In the NFL, linebackers wear shoulder pads that can weigh as much as 6 pounds. Running backs, on the other hand, may wear pads that weigh anywhere between 3 and 5 pounds.

What brand of shoulder pads do NFL football players wear?

They use riddell. Check out the website

When was the shoulder pads invented?

1940s - Shoulder Pads invented for defencemen - not used by all players. if you were looking fo hocky shoulder pads

What were 1920s football shoulder pads made out of?

Shoulder pads of the 1920s were made of leather and were somewhat heavier than the shoulder pads worn today.

Are hockey shoulder pads smaller than football shoulder pads?

Yes. Hockey players are tougher, so they don't need all that padding even though they are falling on ICE. Hockey pads are for blocking shots mostly with a little impact protection.

What items do you use in NFL?

helmet and shoulder pads and thigh and shin pads are mandatory as well as a mouthpiece gloves are your choice to wear as well as turf tape,elbow pads,neck rolls,and taped shoes.

What protective pads are most important in hockey?

shoulder pads and shin pads

How do you put a backplate on shoulder pads?

when i put my backplate on my shoulder pads there are almost always a hole to put them in or you can tie it to your pads with a shoe lace?

In the NFL are players only required to wear helmet and shoulder pads?

Yes, I play football at the Pro level and there are many skilled position players as well as special teams players that only wear shoulder pads and helmets.. In practice we sometimes only wear shoulder pads and helmets we call it pro-pads we also wear this during training camp a lot and when we are not going to hit full speed.

What kind of shoulder pads does Brett Favre wear?

Brett Favre wears american football shoulder pads.

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