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The original jerseys are all stitched but jerseys for special a casinos such as noche Latina or st patricks day celebration are all ironed on

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Q: Are NBA jersey numbers stitched or ironed on?
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How do you change jersey numbers in nba live 09 on ps3?

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What website offers the cheapest NBA jerseys? those are about 40 bucks and there stitched

Does New Jersey have an NBA team?

New jersey nets

NBA team from New Jersey?

New Jersey Nets

Who in the NBA has jersey?

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What is the star on the NFL jersey?

i Came across this site which is offering pro sport jersey's at seriously discounted prices. A buddy of mine purchased 5 NFL jerseys. Now i having looked at them I'm extremely impressed, the constuction is good, all the numbers and lettering are stitched. they sell NFL MLB NHL NBA NCAA jerseys, really awesome! web: email&msn:

What is the highest jersey number a NBA player can pick?

The NBA players can choose any number they want between 00 and 99. However no two players can have the same number on one team. Currently, many players tend to choose lower numbers (under 50). There are very few players with high jersey numbers.

What are the most popular jersey numbers worn in the NBA?

Number 3. Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Dennis Johnson,

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There are no current NBA or CBA players who wear the number 59. In fact no one has ever wore the number 59. It is not a common jersey number, as many of the jersey numbers happen to feature lower numbers.

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White !!!

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