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Football clubs do not have a religion.

Manchester United has a variety of players and staff, and a variety of religions within the club.

Historically, people have identified Manchester United as having a fan-base drawn disproportionately from those with a Catholic background and City from those brought up Protestant. There seems little, if any, evidence of this at all nowadays in a city where religious sectarianism is extremely rare.

The situation is quite similar in Liverpool, despite having more recently seen overt displays of religious affiliation. Although the establishment of both clubs featured considerable Methodist involvement, Everton's support used to be linked more to those from a Catholic upbringing and Liverpool to those of a more Protestant background. If ever true, the recent adoption by/adapting of Liverpool fans of the Irish folk/rebel song "The Fields of Athenry" strongly suggests any such affiliations are long gone.

In Glasgow history still plays rather more of a role. Much about the key identity of Celtic, from its name and badge to its formation, associate it directly with Ireland and those whose families settled in Scotland from Ireland during the 19th and 20th centuries. Meanwhile, established religion in Scotland has traditionally been more strictly Protestant than in England, from its Calvinist reformation onwards. This strong current of Protestantism, sometimes demonstrated as 'anti-Catholicism', has tended to associate itself around Glasgow Rangers, defining it at many levels of the club.

Back in England, Tottenham Hotspur have often been identified with its strong Jewish following by fans and opponents alike, although more with the culture and history than the religion, and the fact that other North and East London clubs also attract significant Jewish followings.

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yes and city are prodistant

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Q: Are Manchester United Catholic or Protestant?
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