Are Man U rubbish

Updated: 9/26/2022
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No, but from a Liverpool fan's point of view, yes

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Q: Are Man U rubbish
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Is Liverpool good?

Liverpool is rubbish go UNITED MAN U

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No they are not man city are the richest and Chelsea but man u well why are you supporting them because they are rubbish and Chelsea yo say is the best

Is man utd rubbish?

no they are a great team Chelsea, arsenal and Liverpool are rubbish

Why are villa better than blues?

because bents better than zigic and brad friedel can skill everyone man u are rubbish

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There not,Man city are a good team i admit that the manager dosent have a clue what he is doing but they are not ruining football and are not rubbish

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How many times have Manchester united won the championship?

never because my mate supports them and they are rubbish. Glory,Glory Man Utd

How many theatres in Manchester?

Man utd have a rubbish 1