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Check them out on

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Q: Are MacGregor 30 yr old m75 golf irons worth anything?
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When was macgregor beryllium golf irons produced?


How old are MacGregor Tourney Golf Irons?

67 years old

What type of golf equipment is provided by MacGregor Golf?

MacGregor Golf make a wide range of golf equipment. Items include drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, golf balls, golf bags and golf accessories. They have been making golf equipment since 1897.

What is the value of 1967 MacGregor VIP irons- 2-sw in good conditition?

This is one of the classic iron sets of the modern era. However, as the Asians are not collecting like they once did, most classic golf clubs are worth what you will pay for them. It's a buyers market in the golf business these days. Good for us , bad for OEMs.

When did haggis macgregor invent golf?

in 1824

What stores sell Callaway golf irons?

The store that sell Callaway golf irons is the online store that called Callaway Golf Pre-owned. Another online store that sell Callaway golf irons is Golfbidder.

What is the markup on golf irons?

The average markup for golf irons is about 40 to 50 percent. Higher end golf clubs will have a significantly higher markup.

What is a new in-box limited edition 1980s MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Commemorative Golf Set in display case worth?


What kind name brand golf clubs does Greg Norman use? He is Charirman of MacGregor Golf. He uses their diamond back blade irons. Does use an old Cally Steelhead 3FW though.

What brand of golf club did Jack Nicklaus play?


What is the Irons Golf Society?

The Irons Golf Society is a group of nearly 70 paid members. The Irons Golf Society is a competitive and friendly society for gay and lesbian golfers. They have monthly meetings and are a part of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation.

What are Rescue golf clubs?

Irons or woods used to hit the ball out of the rough. I think, Adams Golf came up with the name Rescue irons.

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