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No this year Liverpool are knocked out early.

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Q: Are Liverpool doing good in the champions league?
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Why is Liverpool FC good in your opinion?

Liverpool is one of oldest clubs in Premier League. Liverpool have the most Champions League titles in England. They have 18 top division titles. The team are not rough. Liverpool are the longest team in the top division.

Are tottenham hotspur good?

They are a team who can claim champions league spaces and are doing really good this season, so yes they are good

Who will Liverpool fc buy?

actually, no good player will like to go to anfield as they do not have aplace in champions league next year. News Came Into Today That Chinese People Have Put A Offer In For Liverpool Football Club

When did Celtic won the champions league?

Never, but good luck :)

Why did Liverpool fc is out of the uefa champion league quarter final for 2009 and 2010?

Because Liverpool lost on UEFA Champion league quarter final 1st leg with Chelsea at anfield. Sorry to say this happened in the 08/09 season. Good tie though! Second leg was awesome. In this years Champions league Liverpool went out in the group stages because they finished third, (behind Lyon and Forientina).

Mancheaster ut winning the champions league?

Yes they have a good chance.

Do the English really know how to football?

yes!England is very good at it! think about it England won it 1966 man u won the treble in 1999 and Liverpool have won the champions league 5 TIMES !!!

Who Will Win UEFA Champions League Final?

The winner will be Barcelona , their passing is very good.

Will Liverpool win the Premier League?

I think that as a Liverpool fan, that Liverpool will finish in the top four but will not be anywhere close to the better teams such as Chelsea and man utd.Yea very good chance

Who Will Win UEFA Champions League Final 2011?

The winner will be Barcelona , their passing is very good.

Most sucessfull soccer team in England?

I think the most sucessfull soccer team in England is Manchester United because it has one of the best player like cristinao ronaldo, nani,Rooney and more. We saw the match in the finals of the champions league chealse had lost to Manchester and few day ago Chelsea had lost again to Manchester 3-0 . Liverpool is a good team but it doesn't have lots of good player and they they had lost to chealsea in the champions league. Manchester is better in than every team in the England league and in the champoins league.

Who will win the champions league final?

Man UTD they are in England and they have good players only danger is messi.

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