Are Gullwing brand trucks good

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Gullwing trucks, in my opinion, are some of the best trucks out there. They're made of sturdy, long-lasting and lightweight material. They are also one of the most trusted names in Skateboarding and have been around for decades.

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Q: Are Gullwing brand trucks good
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What are the best longboard trucks?

Well that is all opinionated, There are two brands that I would say are best to me, First is: Bears trucks, Second is: Paris. But than again Randals: are good as well. BS gullwing are the best

How much are gullwing sidewinder trucks?

at wallmart they are $10,000 US online ive seen them advertised for $9,000

Are 1973 ford trucks good trucks?

they are pretty good truck and ford is agood brand

I have a Sector nine gremmie with gullwing alpine trucks. S Should I buy 81mm 9-ball wheels?

yea buy what looks best

I need a forklift and was wondering if the yale brand is the best brand ?

Yale is a very good brand but I dont know if it is the best. It really depends on what you want to lift. There are many different kinds of forklifts. Standard trucks, reach trucks, turret trucks, etc.

Whats a good brand of pickup trucks?

There are many good brands of pickup trucks. Ford and Chevy make very good pick up trucks, but overall, it all depends on what features you are looking for in a truck.

What size trucks are good for a 7.5 deck?

(any brand) 139's

What brand of trucks is the japan trucks?


Can gullwing 9 inch trucks fit on a Krown Disco Wave City Surf longboard?

Voodoo 13: Well the deck is 9" too so you should be ok.. If you get wheel bite on the deck tighten up on the trucks or add risers..

What are some American brand trucks?

Some American Brand Trucks are General Motors (Chevrolet), Ford, and (Chrysler) Dodge. Chevrolet and Ford are tied for the most popular American Brand Trucks sold.

What is the best brand of skateboard trucks?

venture trucks, no doubt about it death wish wheels with the venture trucks

What is the strongest brand of trucks?