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they are better for defensive players because they are harder for blocking shots. They are also wider then both reebok and ccm which are considered wide but if you are looking for speed reebok is better but ccm has the most speed associated skates


Graf skates are better because they allow for more customizable fitting options. Each model number in the Graf 700 and G series boots represents a different foot type. For example, the 703 model (or the higher end G3) fits a narrow heel and narrow ball of the foot, the 705 (G5) fits a standard width ball and heel, and the 735 (G35) model fits a regular width ball of the foot and a narrow heel.

Graf also uses materials throughout the boot that allow for easy fitting customization and comfort adjustments through heating and/or stretching.

Reebok and CCM skates are all made with the same generic foot mold, and, depending on the model, allow for little customization, if any.

The one issue most players have with Graf skates is the angle (or pitch) of the runners. The ideal skating position is to have your knees bent with a very low center of gravity. The Graf Cobra 3000 or 5000 holders (standard on the 700 or G series boots) are designed to force you get into this position. Other brands don't do this to the same extent, if at all, making any conversion to Graf skates a challenge for some.

No matter what position you play though, the best skate for you is always the best fitting one, regardless of brand name or cost. Get fit by a skate professional and don't be lured by marketing hype. Your feet and your game will thank you.

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Q: Are Graf skates better than Reebox and CCM skates?
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