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No relationship at all. Just used to play on the same Ireland teamºÜº answer by manvitah mungushly

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Q: Are Football players Roy Keane and Robbie Keane related?
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Are robbie keane and rtoy keane related?


Is Roy keane friends with Robbie Keane?

Roy Keane and Robbie Keane are both Irish soccer players. It does not appear that they are friends because Roy Keane has criticized Robbie Keane in the media.

Does roy keane have a brother who plays football?

Robbie Keane

Are Roy Keane and Robbie Keane brothers?

No. They are not related.

Who is the best football player in Ireland?

Robbie Keane

Who is the captain of the national Irish football team?

robbie keane

How many football teams has robbie keane scored for?


Irish players who've played in champions league?

Robbie Keane

Has Robbie Keane a Family?

Yes robbie Keane is married.

List of players to wear the number 7 Liverpool jersey?

robbie keane

Who is the highest paid footballer at parkhead football club?

at the moment robbie keane

Why did Robbie Keane play football?

Cos he is good enough that's why he is a professional

Which players played for more than one team per season?

Robbie Keane

When was Robbie Keane born?

Robbie Keane was born on July 8, 1980.

What did Robbie Keane win?

Robbie Keane won the carling cup at Spurs.

What is Robbie Keane's birthday?

Robbie Keane was born on July 8, 1980.

Where is robbie keane from?

robbie keane is from a place in dublin Ireland called sundale in tallaght

How many MLS goals does Robbie Keane have?

Robbie Keane has 49 MLS goals currently

Is roy keane related to man utd u18 will keane?

yes will keane is related to roy keane he is his son want to find out more about football email me on :)

Footy Boots recently interviewed Robbie Keane during his own Nike iD session What type of Nike football boots does Robbie keane wear?

Nike Total 90 Laser 2

What is Robbie Keane known for?

Robbie Keane is an Irish footballer. This means that he is an Irish soccer player. He not only plays for the Irish national football team, but also for the Los Angeles Galaxy, a professional soccer team.

Who is the captain of the Republic of Ireland football team?

As of May 2012, the captain of the Republic of Ireland national football team is Robbie Keane.

Which football players have scored for six different premiership clubs?

Craig Bellamy Andrew cole Marcus bent les Ferdinand nick barmby robbie keane Peter Crouch

Which players have played under alex Ferguson and went on to manage their own club?

Robbie Keane, Paul Ince

Who is Robbie Keane's agent?