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If there was a draw for example in an NBA game the referee would have 'Extra Periods' to decide he final scores (each EXTRA PERIOD 5 minutes each)

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Q: Are Extra periods are an extension of the fourth quarter in basketball?
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What does four quarter mean in basketball?

the FOURTH quarter is the last quarter in basketball, or the last 12 minutes. it is usually the most intense portion of a basketball game, since it is what it decides who wins the game and who loses it.

What happens if the scores are tied in the fourth quarter in basketball?

If a basketball game is tied at the end of 4 quarters then there is usually an overtime period, generally 5 minutes. However, the length of overtime periods can vary depending on the level of competition.

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Which team starts the second half in basketball?

Team that won the Tip off will start the fourth quarter. The other team will start the 2nd quarter and the beginning of the 2nd half.

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