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no way if you go to a cricket staduim its a little bit smaller then a Baseball staduim

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Q: Are Cricket stadiums more bigger than baseball stadiums?
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Which country have more cricket stadium?

India have the highest number of cricket stadiums. India have 56 number of cricket stadiums.

Which country has second more cricket stadiums?


How many more stadiums in Europe are bigger than the stade de France?

as many as you want!!

What is the difference between d1 and d2?

d1 is much more competitive, better players, bigger stadiums, bigger colleges, etc.

Which is better cricket or baseball?

it depends on what country you live in. Americans like baseball but loads of british and australians like cricket. Its your decision if you like baseball then you like baseball but if you prefer cricket then you like cricket more than baseball. OFcourse cricket 2nd most wanted game in the world after football.

Why cant all sports be part of the Olympics?

all sports cant be part of the olympics because the host city will need bigger place and more stadiums and grounds to play all the sports. some sports are really long for ex: cricket these games are very long.

Is cricket like lacrosse?

Not even close. Cricket is more like baseball than anything else.

Do they play cricket in South Korea?

NO. US-Style Baseball is far more popular than Cricket.

Why can a cricket ball do more work tan a golfball moving at the same speed?

This is because the cricket ball is more heaver and bigger than the golf ball so it imports more force

What is the baseball team called in India?

Cricket is more popular there. Maybe you confused it with baseball.

Are cricket players paid more or baseball players?

Cricket players get paid 500 million dollars a year, especially India after world cup, baseball players it is only 22 million. Cricket players are so much more rich and that's why most Indians and australians go to cricket instead of basketball, baseball, and football because there is more money.

Will FIFA 11 Have More Stadiums Than FIFA 10?

yep it will have all of the stadiums on it and it will be amazing

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