Are Converse skateboarding shoes

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no they are actually shoes that were worn a long time ago and Skateboarding shoes are big with laces that dont get tied up

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Q: Are Converse skateboarding shoes
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Can Converse shoes be skateboarding shoes?

You can skateboard in any shoes but converse are not considered skateboarding shoes. Most Converse shoes are casual like Jack Purcell, Chuck Taylors, etc. However, Converse also has some skateboarding style shoes as well, such as: Volitant, Kiro and Karve Ox, which main purpose was skateboarding, now people use them as casual.

Are converse compatible in skateboarding?

Back in the day Converse used to have an amazing skateboarding team, so yes you can skate in some converse.

What are some large manufacturers of skateboarding shoes?

There are a number of manufacturers of skateboarding shoes. They include Converse, DC, Vans, Emerica and Vox. Each brand offers their own style, providing many options for the shoppers.

Are Nike oz skateboarding shoes?

No, but nike 6.0 and nike SB shoes are skateboarding shoes

Are Converse shoes trainers?

No, not all trainers are converse shoes.

Vans shoes vs converse shoes who is better?


I drew a picture of converse shoes in art and i need a title for it any ideas?

you could do "My Converse Shoes" if you have them if you don't then you can say "Converse" or "Converse Shoes"

Which kind of shoes are good for skateboarding?

Airwalk is the best skateboarding shoes and skateboards.

What is the motto of converse shoes?

" Don't get the shoes that slip and slide get shoes with the star on the side converse"

What are good shoes to skateboard in?

skateboarding shoes

What a famous shoes Converse or puma?


When were Converse shoes first produced?

Converse shoes were first produced in Massachusetts in 1908 by Marquis M. Converse

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