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1) theyre good for nothing

2) First of all, their good for style. Converse can hurt or blister your heel because their very thin. So you you run heel first (most people do) then no their not good for running. And (1) your good for nothing :|

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sorda it hurts your feet and ankles especially

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no. they have no arch support.

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Q: Are Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor shoes good for running in track and field?
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Does kid cudi wear high Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars or low Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars?

Kid cudi wears high converse chuck Taylor all-stars.

Who was the first female track star?

chuck Taylor (chuck Taylor converse all stars) chuck Taylor (chuck Taylor converse all stars) chuck Taylor (chuck Taylor converse all stars) NIKE Converse All Stars were made prior to Chuck Taylors endorsment. The first shoe designed for and with an athlete were Airwalk Jason Lee. Yes, the My Name is Earl guy.

Who makes better converse shoes Chuck Taylor or Arizona's?

Chuck Taylor in my opinion.

What logo has chuck Taylor and a star in?


Who invented the converse shoe?

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Who makes Converse shoes?

chuck Taylor makes converse. there is a huge rage of converse's like colours: pink, purple, green, red paterns: hello kitty, rainbow and checked CHUCK TAYLOR man that dude is a genius those rock.Rock on Chuck Taylor

Who was the maker of all-star converse?

chuck Taylor

Who is the owner of Converse Shoes company?

Chuck Taylor

What are the features of the Chuck Taylor Converse?

The features of Chuck Taylor Converse are runner sole and have a high top silhouette. You can buy them from several websites including Amazon and eBay.

Who maid converse?

Well theres multiple answers but the most common answer is Chuck Taylor. Chuck Taylor made the High Top converse Witch that is most common answer.

Is chuck Taylor a person or company?

Chuck Taylor was a person and Chuck Taylor All-Stars were a brand of basketball shoe manufactured, with much input from Chuck Taylor about design and comfort, by Converse. Click on the 'Chuck Taylor' link below to read about the man.

What was founded by Marquis Mill Converse in 1908?

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