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really any kind of pointe shoe is good just make sure u get fitted

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Q: Are Bloch shoes a good first pointe shoe?
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Related questions

What is the best brand of pointe shoes?

When you are picking out pointe shoes, it doesn't always need to be about the brand that they are. It doesn't matter how much they cost either. As long as they are not too big (it is better for them to be too small than too big) and as long as they feel good and your toes aren't crowded, they are a "good brand"! For me, I love Russian Pointe Shoes the most-- but that is only because they fit well! I think that capizio or bloch are the best. Bloch is more fore starters like ages 10 to maybe 14. If you get capizios for first ones they are problebly going to be uncomfortable. Bloch is more comfortable for the starting shoes.

What is the best make of pointe shoes for beginners?

Bloch sylphide are very good, not too strong and good for a beginner's foot that is not too strong. Very easy to break in. other types of bloch shoes can be more difficult to break in.

Are Bloch Respect tap shoes good?

Yes, Bloch Respect tap shoes are good shoes for tap dancing. Bloch is one of the top brands of dancewear, and Bloch Respect tap shoes are very comfortable.

How good are Bloch jetstream pointe shoes?

I got my jetstreams 2 months ago give or take a day and they are amazing! This is my first time on pointe, and they fitted me with gms, and other Bloch styles...but jetstreams were the best for me. They don't come with the little white pillow in the bottom of the box, but that is ok. I don't use any padding inside and it doesn't hurt too bad. I broke them in quite easily (using a door) and they are great so far! Good luck :)

Where are the best pointe shoe shops?

My favourite brand/shop would definitely be Bloch. Sansha and Capezio are also good. It depends on where you live and what your uniform is. I live in Australia and my school prefers Bloch shoes and uniform To find the shop, google maps or google the name (eg. Bloch) and find out where the closest shop is :)

What are some good pointe shoes for square feet and my second toe is longer than my big toe?

Hi, I am a ballet dancer and many people have what is known as a "long island toe". It really depends on how good your arch is but i would recommend freeds, mirella, chaccotts, the rubins by Russian pointe, bloch, or capezio.

Do pointe shoes need to be broken in or can you buy prebroken in shoes such as gaynor minden for comfort and durability?

No, you need to break in your pointe shoes yourself. Anaheim Ballet offers a video on breaking in pointe shoes. Just type Anaheim Ballet The Point, or just type in breaking in pointe shoes and videos should pop up based on that. Shutting your pointe shoes in a door helps. Good luck!

I have the pointe shoes Grishko xxx. does anyone know a good way of breaking them in?

A good way to break in pointe shoes is to just wear them around the house with socks over the top. Another way is to do gentle rises everyday through the ball of the foot, bending whilst on pointe and then coming back down through the ball. After a while the pointe shoes should become bendier and easier to use.

How can you make homemade pointe shoes?

ABSOLUTLEY NOT! It would be very dangerous. Pointe shoes allow a dancer to go up on her toes in ballet. Only under the recommendation of her instructors is a dancer who is at least 12 with very good ballet technique allowed to go en pointe! After recommendation of your instructor you go to a local dance store and you are fitted for your first pair of pointe shoes. The fitting may take very long because it is so crucial to get the perfect fit for your foot type. These pointe shoes are made of VERY special material by shoe-makers called cobblers. There is absolutely NO WAY you could make your own pointe shoes. You need very special machines and tools. I'm sorry, but yes you do need to spend about $45-90 every time you need a new pair of pointe shoes. There is no way around this, but you can buy Jet Box Glue to help your pointe shoes last longer. I heard this helps a lot! Many online dance stores carry them.

Do you burn the edges of the ribbons on your pointe shoes?

It is a good idea to so they do not fray.

What are the right ballet shoes for beginners?

well i am only 13 and i started a few years ago and energetics is a really good brand to start off with because they have a lot off support but as the years pass mabey try a better looking ballet shoe like capisio or bloch they are great brands but if you are talking about pointe shoes then..... well mainly it is what shoes fits you best some people say that the best for beginners is bloch (heritage) because it has a sqwishy padding at the bottom but i didn't start with that i started with a grishko that's a great brand and they look good to but they don't have extra padding it is just normal and sooooo gooood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get fitted for point shoes?

There are a bunch of sizes by width and length so you'll have pointe shoes that are made for you! Well first off you will have to have a good enough arch to actually go up on pointe. I am a size 7 1/2 in street shoe and my pointe shoe size is 5 1/2 so pointe shoes say they are 2 sizes down, ( but still the same length of shoe ). You will probably try on many different types of brands and sizes to figure out what shoe sreally fits you. You should probably have a professional pointe shoe sizer so you can get the best out of your pointe. Hope this helped!

Can you wear socks over your pointe shoes on the carpet?

You can totally wear socks over your pointe shoes on carpet if you want to warm up your feet. Just remember that it's never a good idea to wear socks on top of your pointe shoes to go on pointe, as it's really slippery (learned from bad experiences) and don't go on pointe on carpet (twisted an ankle a couple times doing that) unless you mean dance carpet, as in, the flooring in your dance studio.

What is good padding just for big toes in pointe shoes?

Use 'Lamb's Wool' toe pads, also, make sure your shoes are big enough to fit your feet. You might also want to try toe-taping your shoes. ( you can buy rolls at Wal-Mart ) If that does not work, consider getting new pointe shoes.

Why can people still wear pointe shoes?

Pointe shoes in dance can be worn because they are just like flat ballet shoes except they have ribbons and layers of paper and glue in the toe part of the shoe or the box so that dancers can stand on their toes in them. I have them and they hurt at first, but you get used to them and they don't hurt as bad. Also, as long as you are properly trained and use good technique you won't get any injuries.

Where do you dispose of old pointe shoes?

Well, I usually keep them. If they are your first pair, they might have some sentimental value. You could turn them into soft block shoes. If the quality of the upper is still good, you could re-sell them as soft block shoes. My studio has an inter trading system.

What supplies do you need if you're beginning to dance en pointe?

First of all you need pointe shoes. It's best to get them fit by a professional. Most dance shops sell pointe shoes and they have trained employees to help you out. If you have bunions it is a good idea to get spacer to put between your big toe. You also need some kind of padding. Ask the person fitting you. Bunheads has a lot of good solutions. You need ribbons and elastics. Again you can ask the person fitting you about how to sew them. Your dance instructor will teach you how to tie them. You should keep Band-Aids in your dance bag because you are going to get a lot of blisters! Have fun en pointe! Take it slow...

Should I get pointe shoes?

So I have a question, I'm 18 years old and have been doing dance for 3 years. Before that I did gymnastics for 5 years so I have strong ankles. I just graduated and I really want pointe shoes. I no longer go to my studio but I will be dancing in college. My dance teachers never looked at me to go on pointe because I started so late, at 15. Is it a good idea to get pointe shoes now and just work at the bar until I take classes in college? Please help I don't know what to do?

How long after you start ballet can you dance Demi pointe?

If you are talking about demi pointe shoes (otherwise known at soft blocks) your teacher may recommend you to wear them. I recently got my demi pointe shoes and have been taking ballet classes for just over a year (now at grade 4). Mine were very uncomfortable at first, but you just have to break them in, just like you would for a regular pointe shoe. If in any doubt talk to you ballet teacher, they could give you some advice about whether you should need soft blocks. Also if you are taking RAD intermediate exams, I believe it is compulsory to have demi pointe shoes. Not completely sure though, i would double check. Good luck and hope this was some help to you:)

Are Suffolk Pointe Shoes good shoes for me if I have flat feet?

It depends more on if you like them or not. They will give your feet a nice look, but its more important for you to be comfortable.

You just started on point What ballet shoes should you get?

Some students start off with Grishkos or my personal favorites, Gaynor Mindens. Definitately consult with your dance teacher, first though. They'll know your strengths and weakness and will be able to recommend a good pair for you. I recommend getting professionally fitted AND getting your shoes (once you have been fitted) checked by the teacher in charge at your studio to make sure that they are absolutely right for your foot... Everyone's foot is different and as you grow your feet change shape... I personally have been in 3 different brands of pointe shoes, but I know people who have been in many more than that... Personally for me the best shoes that I ever wore were Veronese by Chacott. After I danced for a while everyone told me that I had to get new shoes because my feet were too strong. I never found a shoe that I liked more then Veronese by Chacott. I just started pointe and I thing block is the best ever. I encourage people to get fitted. I started pointe last year and my pointe shoes are Chacott. I love them so much. They break in really easy and they lasted me a year which is really good for pointe shoes. If the shoes seem extra cheap, don't but them, my friend got some for a great deal, except the sole wouldn't break in at all, it was like hardwood, and the box of the shoes were slippery. Watch out for super cheap shoes, mine costed about 70 dollars. I've danced in too many pairs of shoes to count (my feet are shaped really weird :-) Anyways, I wore Grishkos for a very long time, but it eventually got to the point where I would wear them out in one month, and they were getting really expensive for me to get a new pair so often. So my teacher reccomended Russian pointe shoes, and i tried them and they are amazing. They are built very similar to grishkos, but they are much more sturdy and last a lot longer (more like 3 or 4 months for me) I'm a male in the art form, but I've heard the best of things about Bloch Sonatas. And They go on and on and on about their shoes like all women, even in dance class--believe me. And when the shoes are the pinniclle

What is good padding for big toes for pointe shoes?

I am a dancer and I do pointe at least 2 times a week. I do practise for an hour or 2 everyday and have been doing pointe for over a year now. i have found that the "ouch-pouches" from dance wear shops are the most effective as I have never had a blister and they are very comfortable to wear.

Are Bloch pionte shoes a good first pointe shoe?

The brand of the shoe really doesn't matter, each brand makes different models and styles with increased hardness for a variety of advanced and beginners. Try on EVERY brand you can until you find one that you personally (everyones feet are different) and that you can roll up on to the flat platform easily. Never buy your first pair online or order from a catolog. Once you find one that supports your unique foot shape and strength and expireince you can odre in bulk onine. If you are beginging pointe, go to a dance shoe store and tell them that its your first time going up on pointe, and they can help you find a shoe with the softest shank. Most of the time shoe fittings invlove the dancer, teacher and a parent, and can last up to two hours. When you go make sure your nails are clipped as short as they can be so the expirience is less painful.

Can i be a prima ballerina even though i have terrible feet?

Yes, you can! If you have talent as a ballet dancer, you can be a ballerina. You just need to work hard at building up your arches, and strengthening your feet. You can do this by wearing good, supportive street shoes, working with a theraband as much as possible, and asking your teachers for ways to build your arches in class. Certain pointe shoes can also make your feet look good or bad. Ask your teacher what kind of pointe shoes you can wear to emphasize your arch. Hope this helps!

How many years of ballet should i take before pointe i have strong ankles and leg muscles but im only 10 im thinking of taking ballet this year and starting pointe next so that im 11 can i do that?

The factor of getting Pointe shoes really depends on (1) your ability level and (2) your dance studio & dance teacher. 1. Your ability level: Most good ballet studios allow girls to receive their Pointe shoes at age 12 or 13. If the dancer is extremely talented, she might receive them earlier, and if the dancer isn't as advanced as she should be, she might have to wait a couple of years. You should at least be at an Intermediate-Advanced or Advanced level. 2. Your dance studio & dance teacher:You must be very careful when choosing what dance studio and dance teacher to get Pointe shoes from. Some teachers will let girls go on Pointe when they are 11 or 12, regardless of how good or bad they are at ballet. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS!!! You could injure yourself for life. Some teachers are very strict and may make you wait until you are 14, but at least you know you are 100% ready when you get pointe shoes!