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In are answers using keys to short cut things on desktop are short cut and make efficient motor moving quickly is are there aren't disadvantages due to is are using easy.

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Q: Are Advantages of using shortcut keys?
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What allows you to perform tasks using the keyboard by pressing one or more keyboard keys?


What is the definition of combination keys?

These combination keystrokes are shortcut keys, because they provide an alternative to using the mouse to select menu options in programs

What shortcut keys to be used by right fingers?

At right side of the keyboard there are shortcut keys. They are are used by right fingers.

How do you create a hanging indent using shortcut keys?

To create a hanging indent using shortcut keys, you can first select the text you want to indent. Then, press "Ctrl" + "T" on a Windows computer or "Command" + "T" on a Mac. This will apply a hanging indent to the selected text.

What is text alignment shortcut key justified?

Excel does not have any shortcut keys for aligning text. See related links for all shortcut keys for Excel 2007.

How can one discover Windows shortcut keys?

A list of Windows shortcut keys can be found online on the Microsoft Windows website. To be sure that the list of short cuts is relevant to your PC, be sure you have the list that pertains to the version(XP, 7, 8) of Windows you are using.

To apply a Percent style format to a cell using shortcut keys press?

Ctrl+shift+percent sign

What are the Shortcut keys in tally7.2?


Why are keyboard shortcut keys used instead of the mouse?

Because some people prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse.

What are the default shortcut keys in Photoshop?

Most shortcut keys are labled in the menus and the toolbar. Find whatever menu item you need and the shortcut is listed to its right. The tool shortcuts are listed in parenthesis following it. Example: if you want to save using a shortcut, look in the File menu and find Save, and the shortcut is to the left (Ctrl + S). To select the Marquis tool put the cursor over the Marquis tool and a tool tip pop-up will show the shortcut (M).

What are the shortcut keys for save as?


What is the word 2010 feature for using keyboard combinations instead of the mouse to select character formatting commands called?

Shortcut keys