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hahaha. no.

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Q: Are ABEC 3 bearings quicker than ABEC 9?
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What are better ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings?

On the ABEC scale 7 is better but 5 is not the lowest. The scale numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, so a five would still be a good choice.

Are SL Abec 3 Bearings good?

if you like to go slow then yes but if you like to go fast then no.

What are the top ten best skateboard bearings?

I don't doubt the quality of bones but as for abec9, abec7 etc, most of them are not abec9, abec7... Abec 9 bearings are used in critical aerospace and instrument applications. There are not many bearing manufacturers in the world that can make Abec 9 as most do not have the equipment and yet you see Abec 9 bearings readily available in skate shops at low prices. A real Abec 9 bearing would cost 30 to 40 US Dollars or more. I leave you to decide!! Have a look at for useful info about skate bearings. #1 bones Swiss #2 bones reds #3 speed demon #4 blind #5 abec 9 #6 abec 7 #7 abec 5 #8 abec 3 #9 abec 1 #10 jc (walmart sold skateboards) *bones ceramics are much faster than bones Swiss but they can shatter*

Are bearings for a skateboard different from the 1950's?

Bearings are very different from the 50's version. Those bearings came off rollerskates. Now you would use a different bearing for street riding than you would for racing. The bearings are rated by a system called ABEC ratings: 1,3,5,7 & 9. It was originally developed to rate the bearings in machines, not on skateboards. The ABEC rating rates the precision of a bearing. Most skateboarders use a 3, 5 or 7 ABEC. Most are metal but some riders prefer ceramic bearings. Your local shop will have most of the information you need. This is a good site to find information about bearings: Heidi

What is the Best bearings for outdoor roller hockey?

I would say probably any ABEC 3 rated STEEL (not ceramic) bearing with a removable shield for routine servicing (cleaning and lubricating). From what I've read, steel bearings made in America have tested better as a group than German, Swiss, or especially Chinese bearings, but of course there will always be exceptions to this. Abec 3's can take more dirt before you slow them down. A higher ABEC-rated bearing with lower tolerances will get gunked up because there is less space in the bearing. An ABEC 3 that gets a little dirty can stay near optimum and will outroll a gunked ABEC 5, 7, or 9. From what I understand, the quality of polish on the steel, the depth of the raceway, and the ability for the bearings to move to lateral weight transfer are far more important than ABEC rating anyway. It is really hard to find these types of specifications, however, so unfortunately, finding a bearing you love is just trial and error. It is also important to note that it is not true that if you pay more, the bearing will perform better. My advice is to look for a serviceable ABEC 3 steel bearing that is manufactured in America and doesn't cost more that $25 for a set of 16. If you don't like it, buy a different ABEC 3 manufactured in America. You would be terribly unlucky if one of them wasn't a very nice set of bearings.

Are Abec 7 speed bearings good?

I've never had a good set of abec 3's. They are fast for about a day and they're shot. I would highly recommend blowing the money on some Bones Swiss. They last around 5 times longer than the best abec 3's. Just stay away from water, mud, thick dirt, or anything that may gunk up your bearings.

Are SL Abec 3 bearings fast?

first see if a friend of you have those ABEC 3, And try them , if you dont like them or if nome if one if your friends nave one , i recomend you tobuy element or others famous brand bearings! Those are very good an dourable! mine they went 1 year then the midle ringle just cracked

What are the best bearings for your skateboard?

It is the a part that gosse in the hole of the wheel and makes it spin longer and faster there are diffrent types of bearings and abec is a raiting used and also abec 3 bearings can be faster than abec 5s it really doesnt make a difference its mainly its durrability

What lubricant makes bearings go fastest on a skateboard?

I found that thin oils work best. WD-40, 3-in-1, etc... I used a combination of cleaning with lighter fluid (ask mom and dad) then soaking in WD-40 overnight had my wheels spinning more freely. I made up my own combo that's had the same GMN bearings spinning fast for over 18years. Don't use WD 40. It attracts dust and dirt, which are bad for the bearings. Any lubricant will attrace dust and dirt. WD-40 is ideal for cleanning purposes. It will loosen dirt and debris prior to lube. Understand that a base component of WD-40 is fish oil, so it will break down if used alone..

Why does my 3 cylinder Geo Metro motor knock after a short time?

More than likely worn rod bearings.

Why is sugar recommended for a hypo as opposed to starch?

1) Sugar converts to glucose much faster than starch 2) Sugar is digested quicker than starch 3) Sugar raises blood sugar level in the body quicker

Do bearings on inline hockey skates really make a difference?

Absolutely. As an inline roller hockey player for more than 15 years, I can tell you that it definitely makes a difference. With all of the stopping and starting to go back and forth between defense and offense, having a quality bearing that is rated highly makes a world of difference. When I started as a youngster I had ABEC 3 bearings, but as I grew older and played in more competitive leagues, the players were faster. This isn't just because they were taller and had longer strides when skating, no it was because their skates had quality, high rated bearings. And not only does it help with your speed, but it also has an effect on your fatigue level and the energy you exert when playing. Over the course of a game, this can really save you from getting beat late in games.