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it depends how much FPS (feet per second) your gun has. If it is at least 350+ FPS then i would go with the 8mm anything below that and the BB could break and jam your gun. But if u have a shot gun use 8mm. now this is for AIR SOFT GUNS

For BB guns, it still depends on the FPS but the BB wont break its just your accuracy wont be as well higher power should always use 8mm if its 450+ FPS

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Q: Are 8mm airsoft bbs better than 6mm bbs?
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Does every airsoft gun use six mm bullets?

A few guns shoot 8mm pellets, but the vast majority shoot the standard 6mm pellets.

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Do you need special bbs to work with an airsoft gun?

You will need 6mm plastic BB's. These can be gotten at most sporting goods stores these days. *There are also airsoft guns that shoot 8mm BB's. These are quite rare to see in the United States, so I'm betting that your gun is 6mm. .177 cal metal BB's or .22 cal metal BB's won't work in your airsoft gun.

Is there such thing as 7mm airsoft bbs?

I do not know of a production airsoft gun that shoots bbs of those dimentions but it doesnt mean its not out there As you probably know, most common is 6mm, and some airsoft guns, specifically some revolvers, shoot 8mm bb's, but I have never heard of a 7mm bb or a gun that shoots it.

-Airsoft- Does a 7mm gearbox only mean better performance and accuracy and supposed to shoot 6mm bbs like any other or does it shoot 7mm if theres such a thing?

7mm refers to the diameter of the bushings, which align the gears in their positions. They generally fire 6mm (approx.) projectiles. 7mm BBs are nonexistant or extremely uncommon. 8mm-bushing gearboxes also exist, though they are slighly less common. Gearboxes that fire 8mm BBs (bushing size irrelevant) exist, though are fairly uncommon.

Do all airsoft guns fire the same thing?

all airsoft guns fire 6mm bb's (exept the m1 garand which for some reason fires 8mm bb's). the only thing that changes is the weight of the bbs. the lightest is .12 grams the heavyest is .45 the heavyer= slower but more accurate lighter=faster but less accurate.

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