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Yes, it follows the alphabet even when it's double letters.

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depends how oldd youu r. 34C is bigg for a 14 year oldd.

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A 38DD bust measurement is considered very large.

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Q: Are 38e breasts bigger than 38dd?
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What is the next bra size up from 38D?

It can be a 40D, 38DD, or 38E depending on where you need the size increase. The number represents the measurement around your rib cage. The letter is the measurement around your ribs and breast in relation to the number size, and the number of letters has to do with breasts width.

What bra size is bigger 38e or 38f?


What city is 56N and 38E?


What city is found at56n 38e?


What are the dimensions of the bra size 38E?

The dimensions of the bra size 38E are 34 inch band by 39 inch bust. You can purchase 38E size bra's online at the Her Room website. Alternatively, you can also purchase this size from stores such as Nordstrom.

What city is in 56n 38e?

Moskovsky, Shchyolkovsky District, Russia

Would you choose to date a woman with 38e boobs or 38hh?

you bet!

Which country is located at 55 degrees North latitude and 38 degrees East longitude?

55N 38E is in Russia, about 50 miles south of Moscow.

Where is the Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial in Pontiac Michigan located?

The address of the Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial is: 1200 North Telegraph Bldg 38E, Pontiac, MI 48341-1032

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How do you know if you will take after your Mom and have big breasts.?

You DO NOT want double d cups! It really does the body no good! Y-THINK-Y I agree. I am a 38E and it is MOST uncomfortable. My daughter is 34B at 17 and has been the same for 2 years now. You are unlikely to grow any larger (unless you put on weight) after you are 18 years old but if you have just started growing you won't know how big you will grow. While you may decide what you want or not, more to your Q, you can't decide what your genes are. That is determined, also not voluntarilarly, by who your parents are. You get a combination of theirs, like it or not. That does NOT mean you will have the same breast size as either though. the genes come from your mom, your grandma, and your dads mom, so you cant really know until they start to develop.

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