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Current Contracts

LeBron James - 6 year $110.1M

Chris Bosh - 6 year $110.1M

Dwayne Wade - 6 year $107.5M

Mike Miller - 5 year $30M

Mario Chalmers - $0.84M

With the current Salary Cap at around $92M, the Miami Heat should have around $31M left to fill their roster.

Note: Lebron, Chris, Dwayne, and Mikes salary is based on a equal amount every year (110.1/6 = 18.35), if the contract was to be less in the first year and more in the later year, the estimated salary space for Miami would be a little more.

Estimate based on 2010

Lebron = $18.35M

Chris = $18.35M

Dwayne = $17.92M

Mike Miller = $5M

Chalmers = $0.84M

Total = $60.46M

Salary Cap = $92M

Difference = $31.54?

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Q: Approximately how much money does Miami Heat have left to spend to fill their 2010 roster?
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