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First of all its no in the US its in Canada,Vancouver and there will be about 5,500 athletes competing.

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Q: Approximately how many athletes will be on the 2010 US winter Olympic team?
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How many Chinese athletes are going to the 2010 winter olympic games?

I think there was about 15 Chinese Athletes on 2010 Winter Olympics

How many athletes are in the Fiji 2010 Olympic games?

No athletes from Fiji are competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

How many American athletes are competing in the 2010 winter olympic games?


How many athletes does the United States have for the 2010 olympic winter games?

After Looking At the Team USA Athletes on, i have counted 223.

Who are the US athletes competing in the 2010 Winter Olympic Four-man Bobsled?

Steven Holcomb and his crew.

How many athletes were in the vancover winter olympic games 2010?

2500+ from IloveSchool5255 2622 to be exact from 123123

Is Australia competeing in the 2010 olympic games?

Yes. According to the Australian Olympic Committee, 35-40 athletes will be representing Australia at the 2010 Winter Games in Canada.

What winter Olympic sports does Iceland participate?

At the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Iceland sent athletes to compete in alpine skiing. At previous Winter Olympics, athletes representing Iceland have also competed in cross country skiing and ski jumping. They have won no Winter Olympic medals.

What are five countries that will be representing athletes in the 2010 winter Olympic games?

Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, and Australia.

Where do the Olympic athletes compete for each event for 2010 Vancouver winter games?

Each of the Olympic athletes at the 2010 Vancouver winter games competed at events in the city and in nearby locations like Whistler and Richmond. Similar events like snowboarding and skiing where held at the same venue to minimize on travel.

How many events are in the Winter Olympics?

Over 80 nations and 5,500 athletes compete with 87 events. In the winter Vancouver, Canada 2010 olympic games.

How many athletes are competing 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games?

The press is estimating 5,500 atheletes are going to particepate in the games

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