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about 2 points

I think you can score more though .


i heart volleyball

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Q: Approxamitly how many points can you score with spiking in volleyball?
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How do people score points in volleyball?

Players score points by attacking the ball into the opposing court. There are many hits and techniques to win points: For example: Spiking Tipping Dumping Roll Shots Serving

How do you score points or win goals in volleyball?

You can't "win goals" in volleyball, it's scoring "points". You can score points by making the ball hit the opponents floor inside the courts lines. You do this mostly by spiking the ball, or you could do it by simply bumping, setting, or tipping the ball over the net.

How many points do you get when you score in volleyball?


Can the receiving team score points in volleyball?


In volleyball can the receiving team score points?


In a volleyball game can the receiving team score points?


How many points must a team win by in volleyball?

In a normal volleyball game you have to score to 25 and be winning be at least 2 points.

How many points do you need to score to win in a volleyball match?


How many points must your team score in volleyball to win a game?


What is smashing in volleyball?

Smashing in volleyball is like hitting or spiking. It is called smashing because you are hitting the ball so hard and the ground it is like your are smashing something to the ground. Smashing/spiking/hitting is using great force off the attack line to score on your opponent. you can also hit from the back row

How many points do you need to score to win a high school volleyball game?

25 :D

What is the best way to score points in volleyball?

keep the ball up time them out and look for a gap

How many points does a team score in a game in volleyball?

the volleyball game is over at 21 points. However no team can win by only one point. This makes longer games take more points to win. You need to be two points ahead.

How does a team score points during volleyball game?

each serve has one point as in table tennis........

If the score ends up as being tied in volleyball game how many points do you need to win?


Ways to score points in a volleyball game?

To score Points in volleyball!! 1. The ball lands on the other teams side after you hit it over. 2. or it lands on the other teams side after they miss the ball when it is on the side while it is in play. 3. Another way to score points in volleyball is when the other team is at fault whether it is hitting the net, on the net, over the net, to over when serving, under the net, more than 3 hits

How do you score points in volleyball?

you score when the other team cant get the ball back over the net or when the other team doesn't get their serve over the net

How many points do you need to score in volleyball for regulation play?

21 per set to win win by 2

How many points do you need to score to win a volleyball game?

It really depends on what the score you set... the most common for casual games is 21. The score set for professional games can be over 100.

How can you score points in volleyball?

when your side(your team) hits or bumps or sets the ball over to the other side and it touches the floor

Why does the score in volleyball start at 4?

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and the score has never started at 4

How long is a volleyball match?

it lasts until one team score 15 or 21 points depending on which way you want to play

What are do scorekeepers do in volleyball?

the scorekeepers keep the score and also do the book for volleyball

What is the highest volleyball score?


How do you score a volleyball game?

i think