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Yes, please email me as I am looking for help and support for next season's racing which has very wide publicity and knowledge :-

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Q: Anyone interested in motorcycle racing sponsorship?
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How do you write a propsal for sponsorship for racing?

A proposal for sponsorship for racing should include your accomplishments. This proposal should also include your intentions and what you can offer for an investment.

When was American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association created?

American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association was created in 1984.

What is Best motorcycle brand for racing?

Triumph, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda ,Yamaha to some extent Harley as well are few best racing motorcycle brands.

Did Tony Stewart lose his Home Depot sponsorship because or his attitude on the track?

No he did not. Home Depot's sponsorship deal was with Joe Gibbs Racing, not with Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart left to start his own racing team.

What is same as motocross and motorcycle racing?

Your question doesn't make any sense. But if you're asking if motocross falls under the same category as motorcycle racing, then yes. Motorcycle racing is also called MotoGP but that's street bike racing on pavement instead of dirt.

Why is there no motorcycle racing on tv?

Thers is all kinds of racing the Speed Channel.

How old do you have to be to get a motorcycle racing?

Traffic rules vary in states or countries like in California, you must be at least of 16 to get your first racing motorcycle.

What does r mean in motorcycle?

r means racing

What does Velodromes mean?

It's a track for bicycle or motorcycle racing.

What motorcycle is number one in motorcycle racing?

Sounds like bias but I guess #46 is the most popular motorcycle number in racing. Why? Because this number is owned by a world champion racer in the world, Valentino Rossi. He just signed a contract with Yamaha.

What is motor cross?

A particular form of Motorcycle Racing, characterised by racing over a route of rough terrain and taking advantage of natural hazards such as streams and hills.

What motorcycle is a good racing road bike?

Suzuki Hayabuza Biturbo